Content Distribution : ROI on your Content Efforts

Content Distribution : ROI on your Content Efforts


Earlier, we created several guides and blogs to assist tech content developers in crafting a perfect piece of content, whether it be the content creation guide, leveraging AI tools to leverage the content creation process, or how to create a functioning content marketing funnel for the different stages of the customer journey. This guide will benefit content marketers more than content creators (yes, both are different), as this blog focuses on the distribution process of content and related strategies.

As we know, the entire content marketing journey has three stages, i.e., the pre-development stage, which includes topic ideation, keyword research, and the deciding funnel stage. After that comes the development of the creation stage, wherein the comprehensive process of content creation is done following some minute yet practical key pointers like following a style guide, incorporating infographics, sectioning and titling the writeup, and so on. Post-which comes to the distribution stage, where the content marketers go into action to distribute and promote content as per the search intent, platform engagement, and repurposing.

At Infrasity, we have created an insightful infographic depicting the science behind content marketing, and we have periodically drafted down the three stages mentioned above.

Amplifying the digital presence sounds like too much effort, right? No worries; you can mainly focus on the product development process, and content marketing is in our court.

Infrasity is a developer relations company that assists infrastructure and data companies with product positioning by creating hands-on tech content, Kickstarter templates written in IAC or combining different sets of languages, and product feature videos that get published on various social media platforms for engagement, such as, Stack Overflow, Medium, and different development platforms.

Content Distribution

Placing your finely crafted content over the platforms where your target audience engages the most is part of a perfect content strategy. Content creators and marketers should research which platform their target audience engages with the most and which type or topic of content. This will provide metrics to the content creators for picking up the topic to write content about and the content marketers for the platform to deploy content for maximum reach.

Distribution Calendar

Now, when it comes to distributing the content, the distribution should be done strategically and efficiently to maximize the ROI of your time and effort in planning the content strategy with creation and distribution.

Here is an example of a content distribution calendar created by Infrasity with specific distribution channels to amplify the content's performance according to the target audience's highest engagement.

Seems interesting, right? to get access to your personalized content distribution calendar.

Why should organizations focus on content distribution?

You can spend hours, days, or months creating a great piece of content, but if your target audience is unaware of its existence, your content will be well-spent and noticed. Therefore, you need a perfect distribution strategy. The role of content marketers in distributing and promoting the content is equally important to that of the creators.

According to the Content Marketing Institute statistics, 90% of organizations use different social media platforms for their content distribution, 79% of organizations have an active content distribution calendar, and 56% of content marketers use targeted platforms based on their niche to shape their content distribution strategy.

The industry figures denote that the distribution of the content can drive your business growth and traffic to the web domain.

Your content distribution strategy depends on your industry, content asset format (blog, case study, webinar, etc.), audience preferences, and the availability of resources to reach them.

The three main content distribution channels are Owned, Earned, and Paid. Let’s explore the three channels in more detail.

Owned Media channel

Owned media platforms directly controlled by the brand, such as websites, social media pages, and email newsletters. This channel allows complete control over the content and its presentation to the audience.

For example, a technological company can create informational blogs to showcase its expertise and knowledge of its products or services. These blogs can be posted on developer platforms like

  • Devto

  • Quora

  • Reddit.Dev

  • Hackernews

  • Hashnode

  • LinkedIn.

Utilizing these platforms can help increase visibility and credibility within the developer community, ultimately driving traffic and engagement to your brand. Our team at Infrasity has experience in creating content that resonates with developers and can help establish your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

At Infrasity, our in-house developers create detailed how-to guides that align with your organization's niche and would assist your brand's digital presence quick developer onboarding our strategies have been proven beneficial for various complex infrastructure companies around Mlops, LLMs, and Kubernetes, Authorization, IAC, cloud security, IDP.

Earned Media Channel

Earned media channel Earned media refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid advertising. This includes word-of-mouth, social media shares, and press coverage.


Press mentions: Being mentioned in various media houses as a promotional mention can assist your organization to be placed better across the different social media platforms.

For instance, the image by CBIN below lists 100 AI startups; this very well serves as the earned media platform for distribution.

Some further examples of certain platforms are:

  • CBIN

  • INC 42

  • Your story

  • Tech Crunch

For example, when your clients mention your product or service over their owned media channel, that would serve as the earned media channel.

Social Media Shares: When users share your content or discuss your brand on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, and it deals with people of similar niches or areas of interest, provided the value addition of your developed content, it might get some good engagement and reposts. Participating in relevant developer or tech groups helps your brand position itself as the authority of the niche, depicting your expertise and depth of knowledge.

We at Infrasity use an adequate content distribution calendar, position our content across various platforms, and then focus on promoting and reposting the developed content on different social media platforms like LinkedIn.

We at Infrasity create technical writeups for your organization and post them on platforms like Quora to increase developer engagement and your brand’s visibility around infrastructure topics like Kubernetes, terraform, cloud authorization, Identity management, Mlops, LLMs, Cloud Infrastructure, etc.

Reviews and Testimonials: Positive feedback from users on review sites, social media, or within case studies. Registering on multiple review platforms where your clients or customers provide valuable feedback will showcase your organization's technical depth in the niche.

Search Engine Advertising: Using platforms like Google Ads to place advertisements on search engine results pages (SERPs) based on specific keywords.

  • Social Media Advertising involves ads on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, which allow for highly targeted campaigns based on user demographics, interests, and behaviors. For example, a cloud authorization company may run LinkedIn ads to engage with developers.

  • Retargeting/Remarketing: Ads targeted at users who have previously visited your website but did not make a purchase or sign up that is referred to as bounce rate; if you have successfully collected the lead at the earlier stage, then you should start with the monthly newsletter which might help your customers with their buying journey.

  • Sponsored Content: You can collaborate with a content marketing agency that will assist you in creating compelling and engaging content that will solve all of your marketing headaches, leaving you to focus more on product enhancements.

Infrasity is the perfect destination for your technical content marketing needs.

We will help you tackle the product visibility challenges with our tech content. We assist organizations with creating tech content for infrastructural organizations on Kubernetes, cloud cost optimization, DevOps, and engineering infrastructure platforms. We develop and distribute the technical content for all the funnel stages to ensure that your product excels in the awareness, consideration, and conversion phases through our content marketing strategies.

Our in-house developers create compelling technical writeups backed with solid keyword research and a high SEO score of 75-80, helping you to rank higher in SERPs. Check out our finely crafted blogs >> Here

In our recent partnership with infrastructure organizations, we developed blog posts focused on Terraform, explicitly targeting critical areas like "terraform pricing" and "terraform apply." Our strategic approach to content and SEO has propelled this content to the top of Google's search results.

Curious about the impact? We invite you to search "terraform pricing" or "terraform apply" on Google and see our work in the leading positions.

today to help us write content that works for you and your developers.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1) What are the distribution channels for the content strategy?

Various distribution platforms exist that can be explored depending on your business's niche and your target audience's engagement metrics. Figuring out the channels or platforms where your target audience is most active can increase your brand’s digital presence and showcase your expertise on the topic.

Q2) What are the different types of distribution channels?

Distribution channels can be classified into three major types

  • Owned Media channel

  • Earned Media channel

  • Paid Media Channel

Q3) How does Infrasity help in content distribution?

Infrasity is a developer relations company that assists infrastructure and data companies with product positioning by creating hands-on tech content, Kickstarter templates written in IAC or combining different sets of languages, and product feature videos that get published on various social media platforms for engagement, such as, StackOverflow, Medium, and different development platforms.


Through this blog, we discovered that it is vital for any organization to create content to amplify its digital presence, and it becomes equally essential to strategically distribute that content to reap the maximum out of it. Regularly maintaining a distribution calendar helps you track your content's performance metrics and provides you with better strategic planning for future publications. The whole process of pre-post content creation becomes tedious for the organizations sometimes, along with working on product development,

That’s where Infrasity comes into the picture; we create engaging tech content around complex infrastructure topics with compelling infographics and strategically position that content on developer platforms like Reddit, Hackernews, and Dev to drive more user signups and higher SERP ranks. today to ensure your product achieves maximum visibility through our tech content strategies.

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